Home Delivery

For demanding clients

We know exactly that our european clients are demanding. We offer european-wide collection/pick-up of products. Short delivery times and a reliable distribution to all clients in compliance with delivery terms are self-evident for us. Equally we offer multiple delivery- and tracking options in Switzerland. Our delivery service is flexible and scalable. Seasonal and unexpected demand peaks can be handled without problems. Naturally we want to expand with your business.

Mail order services

We organize the complete mailing order according to your wishes and requirements B2B or B2C. We can find the suitable parcel delivery- or road / truck transport agent while considering cost and value. Express and on-time delivery, pallet transportation, 2-man-handling, return repatriations and IT-supported tracking options are our daily business. We ensure that the products are delivered in the correct amount and quality at the correct time and to the correct place.