Customs Clearance

Unproblematic customs clearance

Despite WTO and free trade agreements there are still many barriers between trading countries. The number of statutory regulations is still increasing. Decade long customs clearance experience and good contacts to customs authorities in Switzerland, Germany, Austria and many other countries guarantee competent handling of all formalities and fast customs clearance. We and our partners also support you with customs handling in other countries.

Modern IT-solutions

Today everything is faster and has reduced administrative tasks due to electronic customs handling. We possess the necessary software to process an electronic customs and transit clearance. Our inventory software meets all requirements of Swiss customs to manage a open customs warehouse. You can concentrate on your core business and be sure you are 100% legally compliant.

Customs security / compliance

The customs security certificates "authorized recipient" (ZE) and "authorized dispatcher" (ZV) attest us as reliable and trustworthy in cooperation with custom authorities. They prove to the clients of our forwarding agency that we regularly handle electronic customs clearances. They give us the flexibility to declare incoming- and outgoing goods and manage declarations independent of the location - to benefit our clients.