Warehouse in Kloten and Embrach

Optimal warehouse solutions

We are In a conveniently access-able location and from Kloten operate the warehouse, containing multi-user high rack storage capacities with tailored security concepts. Equally dangerous goods and temperature controlled storage capacities for individual solutions are available. Regardless if you require storage on a short-, middle- or long-term basis, we have the suitable warehouse in Kloten or Embrach for you. Our portfolio includes, apart from stock taking and -control as well as inventory a wide range of added-value services. To achieve this we use we use barcodes and scanners In our warehouses. Each stock article receives a barcode which is unique. Thereby we achieve a high productivity in the processes. The use of mobile scanners enables a fast and accurate inventory. The execution is easy: the article number is registered quickly and securely by the integrated barcode scanner. Therefore stocktaking can be a spot check, on a random day or as a permanent reporting - dependent on client requirements - without any problems.


NOVA TRAFFIC possesses an extremely efficient incoming control system ensuring the satisfaction of our customers. Trained employees with lots of experience check the shipping order meticulously according to your parameters, if the freight documents suit the bundle of the commissioned article. We equally control if the bulk is complete and undamaged and if the correct goods and indicated amounts are inside. Our diligence saves you complaints and costs and protects your good reputation. We are ISO 9001 certified. This shows that we work with measurable quality standards also in warehousing and in Kloten always handle your products with professional care. This certifies a transparent, integrated and standardized quality management in all operative sectors. Furthermore we are certified as "authorized recipient" (ZE) and "authorized dispatcher" (ZV) and soon as authorized economic operator (AEO).