Customs / Bonded Warehouse

Uncomplicated customs clearance

Be it import restrictions, preferential tariff rates, duty rates or customs contingents we can gladly advise you in all customs related issues and help you to comply with customs regulations. Whereas it is irrelevant where your goods are coming from or from which country you want them to be distributed and if you prefer to use air or sea freight or road / river or rail respectively. We take charge of the complex customs formalities and organize a smooth transport execution.

Bonded Warehouse 

For all incoming goods that do not immediately need to be cleared a bonded warehouse is the right solution. In our logistic locations your goods can be stored undeclared for an unlimited time, thereby saving costs. In bonded warehouses trade policies, especially quota regulations are not enforced. Should the goods be sold in Switzerland anyway the duties are payable after stock removal only.

Electronic customs clearance

With us you are always compliant. Our IT-supported warehouse management system allows the Swiss customs authorities a complete inspection of all transactions in the OZL-sector. This is a precondition for the storage of undeclared and cleared goods as well as transit goods in our multi-user warehouse. We also possess the necessary software to issue any customs and transit clearances.