Inventory and Stock

Exact inventory audit

In our warehouses we use barcodes and scanners. Each stock article receives a unique barcode. Thereby we achieve a high productivity. The use of mobile scanners enables a fast and accurate stocktaking. The execution is easy: the article number is registered quickly and securely by the integrated barcode scanner. Therefore stocktaking can be a spot check, on a random day or as a permanent reporting - dependent on client requirements - without any problems.

Without stress

The electronic tracking of goods is of vital importance for a cost effective management of the entire supply chain. Today, our warehouse is seamlessly integrated into our logistical process, in which stock, outgoing, delivery, returns and incoming / replenishment are synchronized. Mistakes are avoided by using barcodes and scanners. This modern technology is not only used in stocktaking but equally for incoming and outgoing goods.

Extensive know-how

Our small and competent company offers extensive expertise and has long-term experience in warehousing. Stocktaking and inventory are an integrated part of the warehouse services that we offer. With pleasure we can advise you about the alignment of commercial and tax laws to suit your company's and our commercial requirements. Together we can then develop a logistical concept with portfolio management and a warehouse management strategy.