Return Management

Experienced in returnmanagement

Returns are a inherent part of online purchasing. NOVA TRAFFIC can be your returns address for foreign e-commerce businesses. The returns are recorded, checked and sorted at NOVA TRAFFIC according to the specified criterions. The service range includes product preparation, re-packaging and delivery to a new customer or return delivery to retailers. Furthermore we guarantee a rapid debtor crediting and VAT reclaim.

High return rate

In the B2C-online-business textiles and shoes have a very high return rate / quota. The articles returned by customers can become a financial liability with increasing sales volume. We support you to reduce costs by offering a professional handling of your returns. Our statistical analysis enables transparency with return quotas, fraud intentions and costs. Our customer service can help you reduce your return rate.

Uncomplicated and clear

Although the return management is cost intensive, the possibility for free returns is an important factor for competitiveness. We help you keep your returns as uncomplicated and survey-able as possible. Returns must be as easy as possible for the customer otherwise repeat orders may be lost.